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Q. If I make more money than is allowed under the Special Retirement Supplement for a given year, and make $0 because of the SRS penalty $1 for every $2 earned, but lose my job the following year and don’t work again, would I then start getting my SRS back at the same rate that I was getting before I exceeded the maximum earned income, or would it be gone forever? Would this apply also for getting a partial reduced SRS and losing a job but not the whole SRS? Will it go back to the original amount, or be…

Q. I am planning on retiring at the end of December of this year at 56 years old with 35 years. If I get the Special Retirement Supplement till I turn 62, when would I would I start getting my Thrift Savings Plan?

Q. I recently attended a U.S. Postal Service retirement seminar not sponsored by the USPS. While good information was given relating to how FERS, the SRS and the TSP work, at the end of the meeting the speaker mentioned the option of rolling over your TSP into what he called a “G-C Fund” that he said will never lose money. Do you know about this? I can’t find anything online about it and I’m skeptical.

Q. I will be retiring at age 56 and will be eligible for the special retirement supplement upon retirement. Is my lump-sum payment for annual leave used in an earnings test to reduce my SRS? If I am eligible for a VERA incentive payment, is this used in an earnings test to reduce my SRS?

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