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Q. I am 62 and plan on retiring in the next few months. My goal is to have $4000 per month after taxes in retirement income. My FERS annuity and Social Security get me to about $4100, pre-tax. I have $350,000 in my TSP. I figure that if I can take out a partial withdrawal of $50,000 for emergency funds and liquidity purposes, stay invested in the G Fund with the remainder, take equal monthly payments of $1300 and meet my post-tax income goal, then my TSP should last at least until I’m 87, when I don’t expect to need it…

Q. I am retiring at the end of January 2016, and I turn 55 in February 2016. I want to make a partial withdrawal from my TSP, then begin monthly payments in the amount of my choosing, beginning in 2017. What forms do I use for this? Since I am retiring, do I have to wait to be notified by TSP?

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