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Q. Do you have suggestions as to any good books/blogs/websites to read in order to understand how to properly allocate my TSP funds? I am 26 years old and have been working in the federal sector for a little over a year. From everything I have read so far, I should invest most of my allocations into the C, S and I Funds because I can afford to take risk. I would like to know of any material that discusses TSP allocations in more detail.

Q. Where would I find the actual holdings in each of the TSP funds? What stocks, bonds, etc., are in the Target Funds, etc.? For financial planning, the firm we have hired would like a breakdown of what I’m holding in my account.

Q. I am currently a CSRS employee with 37 years of service. I plan on retiring in two years and would like to make a withdrawal from my TSP to pay off the remaining balance on my child’s college tuition and possibly pay off a few other debts to be able to retire without debt. Is there any advantage to, or advice you can give on making a lump sum withdrawal and pay off the debts immediately versus a monthly withdrawal covering the debt amounts until the debts are paid off?

Q. Can I separate the federal service at 45 years of age (firefighter) with 20 years of creditable service (+4 years military by back) totaling 24 years of service. Then later apply to draw my FERS firefighter retirement of 38 percent when I reach the eligible firefighter retirement age of 50? Would I still receive my Social Security supplement and Thrift Savings Plan benefits without penalties?

Q. I am a federal air technician with the Air National Guard. I have been a federal full-time technician since June 10, 1991. I bought back my Air Force active duty time from 10 Dec 86 – 9 Mar 91. I am in FERS and have a minimum retirement age of 56 years and 2 months. I will be 53 next year. It has been communicated to me that I will probably not be retained next year, meaning that May 13, 2019, I will be involuntarily retired, thus losing my full (technician) and part-time (traditional Guard) employment. I will be four months shy…

Q. I am a retired Navy captain after 40 years of service. I read with great interest your article in the November 2017 issue of Federal Times titled “TSP Lump-Sum Withdrawal.” I currently have $391,811.74 in my TSP account as of 14 November 2017. On October 27, 2017, I had $392,954.73 in the TSP account. I have seen the amount of TSP goes up and down over the years. I need your advice if I should do a partial or lump-sum withdrawal. I had seen a Navy Federal Credit Union Financial adviser in the past and he was not good…

Q. I am 67 with $360,000 in TSP and 29 years of federal service. I am also $26,000 in credit card debt at 16 percent annual interest rate. I am vacillating between an age-based in-service withdrawal and a 2.35 percent TSP loan to pay off the credit card debt. Finance-wise, I suppose it makes sense to pay off the credit card with the TSP loan, ($630/mo over 5 years versus $460/mo), but what I’d really like to do is get rid of the debt entirely and not have it hanging over my head at all! I am aware of the…

Q. In the Federal Times October print issue your column “Finding the best Thrift Savings Plan strategy” raises some good funds allocation concerns for investors … but how the heck does the average federal employee go about calculating the ER and the SDR? Or simply where might someone look to find formulas to make such calculations?

Q. I questioned a Thrift Savings Plan representative regarding the matched and unmatched funds from their agency, and they told me due to the fact that I withdrew my funds upon departure, I was not entitled to those contributions they made on my behalf. I thought the TSP funds, whether contributed by me and/or the funds, as well as the interest would be given to me after the vested time frame. How would I go about receiving those funds if they indeed are due to me?

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