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Q. My current TSP allocation is 75 percent in L2020 and 25 percent in L2030, with my biweekly payroll contributions split 50-50 between the two. I can’t remember when I opened the L2020, but when I realized 2020 was coming much sooner, I opened up the L2030 so my TSP account would continue to earn money once the L2020 flips to the L Income fund. I’m in my early 50s, so I’m really not sure when I’m going to retire. Should I keep going like this, or move everything to L2030?

Q. I am a 73-year-old Air Force retiree and TSP account participant. When I had to comply with the IRS’ required minimum distributions requirement at 70½ years of age, I also had regular certificate of deposits of a savings nature (pretaxed) in different facilities such as savings and loans. I elected to consolidate all of my savings for ease of record-keeping and accidentally renamed my CDs as IRA accounts when they matured for a greater percentage of return. Last year I learned that I could contribute again into my TSP account even though I was not working, so I rolled over all of…

Q. I am a FERS employee who will reach 70½ in November 2017. I have not separated from federal service and do not intend to do so for a couple of years. Will I have to make catch-up required minimum distributions for the years I worked past 70½. For example, if I retired at age 73, would I be required to consolidate and withdraw three RMDs the year after I retire to make up for the previously deferred RMDs?

Q. I am a senior Foreign Service officer and will have 26½ years of service under my belt at the end of my current tour in summer 2018. In the Foreign Service, we are eligible for voluntary retirement if we are at least 50 years of age (I will be 54 by summer 2018) and have 20 years of service. I am considering retiring in the fall of 2018, so just before the year in which I turn 55. My question concerns the TSP. Assuming I retire in the fall of 2018, will I be able to make monthly withdrawals…

If you are a Thrift Savings Plan participant, do yourself a favor and ignore your personal rate of return. This nearly useless piece of information is provided by the TSP in your quarterly statements. While you might find this number interesting, it tends to draw your attention away from important information. Your personal rate of return, or PROR, is a number that pretends to quantify the performance of your TSP account over the most recent 12 calendar months. Unfortunately, there are a number of problems with this statistic that make it useless at best and dangerous to use at worst.

Q. I will be 70½ in October 2017, and I understand I will be required to take my first required minimum distribution from my non-TSP IRAs in 2017, or wait until April 2018 and take two RMDs (the one for 2017 and the one for 2018). However, since I am still a federal employee and will remain so until I retire on Jan. 5, 2018, I believe I will not have to take a TSP RMD for 2017, so I will only need to take a single RMD from TSP in 2018. Is that correct?

Q. I was told in mediation that my 6-month-old, 15-year residential TSP loan of $300/month ($42,000) does not get considered as debt in figuring division of assets. This TSP debt was to acquire our principal residence that is without bank lien and will be granted to her. Am I required to pay this monthly debt on my TSP without some sort of concession on the part of my spouse?

Q. I just retired last month from federal service. My Ameriprise adviser has advised me to move my TSP (which is about $800,000) over to an IRA with Ameriprise and then move some of that amount over to a Roth with Ameriprise. Can I convert my TSP to a Roth TSP? If not, then should I transfer some, none or all of my TSP over to Ameriprise?

Q. I have a separate Roth IRA with a fiduciary adviser, but my TSP consistently out performs my Roth. Is there any benefit to cashing out my Roth and starting to contribute to the TSP Roth account? I am 45 years old and have a total of $150,000 in my Roth account. I am currently maximizing my traditional TSP contributions.

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